April 6, 2010

Does Gratefulness Enable Us to Dream?

Why is it that we think by wanting something different or something new, things will be better, more enjoyable? Make us happy or happier? Why do we complain about what we have or our situation when really it is not all that bad? Why are we so negative about it? Why do we only see the negative instead of appreciating what we have and/or realizing that we are indeed blessed? Why don’t we see the blessings that surround us?

I sometimes think, “I want to own a rancher house someday.” Or ‘this house is too big to keep up or clean.” What about this, “It is such a long drive out here.” Or why can’t I lose the weight I want.” How about, “I hate exercise.” or “this is too hard.”

I question why am I so unhappy sometimes, why am I so negative. Do I really have a reason? No, I think not. So where does this negativity come from? I think it has a lot to do with the lack of appreciation. And, I have forgotten not only to dream, but how to dream!