February 12, 2013

Hello Again! Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

So I’m back at it, one post and three years later! Saw this quote the other day: 

“Action Always Beats Intention” 

 I love that! (BTW - I love good quotes) And it applies to so much. It’s a way to live and I’m going to practice, practicing it. Hey, that's a great idea for a blog post! 

So, as I intend to visit with you here more often, today I took action! And to get started I thought what better way than to introduce myself so we’re not so much strangers…hope you don't mind as I share a bit of myself with you...

My favorite place is the beach, I love everything about it. Sights, sounds and smells, the sun and yes, even the sand. I love walks, long and short whether it’s for exercise or walking the dogs, in the park or neighborhood, hiking in the mountains, a stroll on the beach, alone or with my best friend (that would be my hubby). I love to read good books, fiction, inspiration, biographies and especially God’s Word – the Holy Bible.

I love the beauty of ALL of God’s creation and it is in these things that I experience His overwhelming presence. Nature, music, art, color, language…I’m no wordsmith but I love to understand new words and discover the greater meaning of familiar ones. I also have a desire to write and so the blog, with hopes of growing better at it… and I love God’s people; think about it, we are created in His image! My favorite people are my husband, our two sons and daughter-in-law. I love going on vacation with them (to the beach of course!).

In early March 1982, it was love at first sight. Yes, I believe it happens! My husband, Jeff and I, saw each other briefly one evening after church and were introduced 4 days later. We started dating and married later that year in December. 30 years later, Jeff is still the love of my life and my best friend!

About two years after marrying, we felt God’s call on our life to full-time ministry. Committing ourselves to Him we began taking steps in that direction. During the next 15 years, we moved to Florida, Jeff attended Bible College and received his Associates Degree in Biblical Studies and we had our first son, Jared. Moving back to Virginia when Jared was almost two, we had our second son, Nathan. Although we had served in churches and ministry organizations, both volunteer and paid, God did not seem to be leading us any further toward it as a full-time vocation. We questioned if we'd gotten it all wrong. Needing to support our family, Jeff pursued steady employment as we settled in Mechanicsville, VA raising our two boys.

As we struggled to build our lives, I fought with depression and our marriage wavered. 10 years married and fighting against this crisis in our relationship, God began to speak and move again. We returned to church, I went to counseling and God led me to reveal to Jeff a secret of sexual abuse as a child. With honesty, understanding, forgiveness, and trust, I experienced God’s healing and our marriage flourished again.

While struggling to find a church that fit our family best, we discovered a new church plant in the works for Mechanicsville. We began meeting with the core start-up team and have served in various ways since Atlee Community Church launched its first service in March 1995.

Early on, Jeff became a member of the steering team and three years into this God saw fit to lead Jeff toward full-time ministry again. What? Please God, not now! We were settled into life and following the American dream, we were doing just fine! But God was asking us to remember the commitment we had made those years ago. Jeff started as part-time volunteer student director but by 1998 continued in this position as full-time paid staff, was ordained and remained on what became the Spiritual Management Team. Later he assisted as Small Group Director and teaching at a midweek service. Then in May 2003, he became Atlee’s Lead Pastor.

Remember those 15 years? God’s way says it’s never too late! God had something in mind all along. But first He had to work in us so that He could work through us. He put us in this ministry of His called Atlee Community Church, the place we have called home now for 18 years. We love our church! Its vision, mission, core values and unique style. It fits our family and Jeff’s personality and gifts well, just as God knew all along. We consider it a privilege to serve God with the people of Atlee Community Church. One of our greatest joys is seeing people realize the truth of how much they matter to God, receive His saving grace and watch their lives transform.

As I live out God’s plan for my life, as Jeff’s wife – a pastor’s wife – I struggle with the same things you do! Sometimes I follow God to the best of my ability and sometimes I don’t.

My greatest desires are to know Jesus, really know Him. And to become a courageous woman of God that says “Yes!” to Him, to be obedient in His ways, who accepts and surrenders to this life He has planned for me. I want to learn to love like He loves and for others to see Him in me and want to know Him too.

My hope and prayer is to be an encouragement to you as we walk this journey together exchanging whispers!

Will you join me?


  1. I took the time to read your blog post tonight. I appreciate you sharing. I'm still struggling with direction in my life. I admire the fact you are willing and open to talk about real issues that most people avoid. Encouraging people are becoming more rare. I thank you and Jeff for continuing to bring the message to life and I see God working through our Church. May God continue to bless you and your family and inspire those who seek.

  2. Wow! Like Nathan above, I admire the honesty and vulnerability I found in your blog. And I must say, after seeing you so many times, it's nice to get a feeling of who you are. I've been attending Atlee since it's beginning at the school. I met Jeff when he was the student ministry leader as I too attempted to find where I belonged. I volunteered in the student ministry area, but it was short lived as it just didn't seem to fit as I thought it would. I've watched the church go through many changes, I've been active, I've been absent. Jeff baptised my daughter, whom was the main reason we stayed at Atlee as I searched for a way for her to hear God's word. It was truly amazing...one of the best days of my life. But she too, has been present, and absent. Changes. I still search for what God asks of me. And so I guess mostly, I want to say thank you for sharing your personal story, as it reminds me...in HIS time. I just pray that I understand and can hear where he wants to lead me. And I pray the same for her. And...I want to say how grateful I am for your family's presence at Atlee. So thank you. :)