March 1, 2013

Focus 2013 – What’s God Up To?

Have you ever noticed that when God whispers, He has a way of bringing it around time and again?

It never fails, when God whispers to me on a particular issue, I hear, read and see it in just about every way imaginable. A blog post, a quote on twitter, facebook, a movie line, through a Sunday message, in a book, devotion or scripture I'm reading, a conversation with a friend – the list goes on. Probably because I’m so hard headed I have to be reminded often! It’s as if God’s asking, “Are you listening? Did you get this?”

Truth is, it’s a process and it takes time for us to grow where we need growing.

I do like it, hearing His whispers repeatedly on a matter. It reaffirms that He is speaking and it tells us He is trying to teach us something. This means He’s is growing our faith and wants us to draw closer to Him. It’s also empowering to know that He has something to say to us and that He is working in our hearts. Most importantly, if He is speaking, teaching and working in us, it lets us know how much we matter to Him. He loves us passionately and cares deeply for our best!

There’s this thing I do at the beginning of a new year, I started it a couple of years ago. I like to pick a word for the year that will give me a focal point, be a reminder whenever I need to get back on track or re-engage in a personal activity or commitment.  

Ironically, through devotion and prayer, this year’s word actually became the word FOCUS.

Adjusting central concentration to a fixed point of
attention, effort, activity and/or attraction.

The scripture I chose for this word of mine ~ Isaiah 26:3 NLT

What is it then that I need to focus on? I had no trouble quickly answering that - it would be Jesus, of course, my God and the Savior of my soul! 

In recent months, I have found myself becoming more and more distracted that I cannot concentrate or focus on any one thing. We can all relate. This world pulls us in so many directions. I set out to do something but find that I cannot even think much less stay on track with task. Slowly, (because  I  a m  s u c h  a  s l o w  l e a r n e r) I realized just how much I have crowded Him out. My thoughts and activities are full of things, not necessarily all bad, but are time stealers and wasters, creating pointless busyness that pushes Him out.
“but the cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches and the desires for other things enter in and choke the word, and it proves unfruitful.”

The Father gently reminds, “Me. You need more of Me.”  

I love the series we are in at church right now, Center Point. Funny – it is one of the things God is using to reinforce the whole idea of focus, being fixed on Him – but this time – in every area of my life.

Jeff challenged us in the introduction message, Center Point – Priorities, that Jesus is to be more than a priority, not something to check off our list – Jesus is to be IN it – in everything – the center.  

Jeff has a quote that he often reminds us of:

“God must first work IN you, so He can then work THROUGH you.”

I believe God is up to something. But first He must work something in me because He wants to do something through me. And so, I focus...

Is God whispering something specific to you? How are you hearing Him repeat & confirm it?

Are you sensing Jesus doing a work in you because you know that He is leading you to a place so He can work through you? We would love to hear about it.

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