February 26, 2014

Out of the Blue ~ Pt 2

NOTE: I have had this blog post written for a couple weeks now but held off publishing because I just didn't like it. Something didn't feel quite right. So I waited....

I don't want to just write words without purpose or least of all for my own purposes. I want to write them out of the overflow of my relationship with God and foremost for His purposes- to serve Him, not myself.

So, here's my revision, with a heart to serve and a prayer that the privilege He has given, will encourage others...

February 5, 2014

Out of the Blue ~ Pt 1

My dog, Ginger, has been expressing some symptoms 
to the likeness of SAD (seasonal affective disorder or seasonal blues). It's pretty sad (couldn't resist the pun) when you can identify sadness in an already melancholy dog. 

Our dogs generally stay outside most of the day and sleep in the garage at night. However, the rigid cold temperatures this winter have brought our mutts inside pretty much 24/7. So maybe Ginger is missing her time outside in the fresh air.