April 7, 2020

Threads of Life

The word 'thread' has a somewhat new meaning in our culture of emails and social media today, describing the continuous comments or replies of a conversation online. The thread connects to a primary twitter, facebook or other social post or an ongoing email sent back and forth.

But what about threads in our lives? It's not a new concept, this idea of threads that weave in and out of our life, shaping and influencing us into who we are or who we're becoming. And what would these so-called threads be?

I believe they include the experiences of events and people both good and not so good, or bad, that have made their way into our life's journey. They are the past and the present. The hurt and the joy.

But I believe there is more than this though, that is weaved into our lives.

It's been a year now, last April 2019, since I had the opportunity to share at our church's women's event and again a few weeks later for Mother's Day Sunday morning service. My friend Lisa and I worked together creating the theme of the women's event based on this idea that had been on my heart. We called it, Behind the Tapestry.

The Tapestry is the threads of our lives. It's the telling of our story, both sides coexisting- one is of all the threads woven throughout our lives, an intermingling of hope, joy, struggle and pain, how it's effected us and how we've responded to it, while the other presents only a glimpse of the picture- that of how God has and is working in and through us right alongside all the threads that make up each of our stories.

I won't retell the whole talk here, however you can check it out and listen to the one from Mother's Day if you'd like- Watch it at this link.

But I do want to share what's on my heart now and revisit a few key statements from that message.